From time to time things go wrong, that is the nature of life. Whilst the parish council tries to do its best to keep watch on issues such as the state of the roads, bridleways and footpaths, it cannot have eyes everywhere all the time.

If you are aware of any issues that need attention, please try to report them directly to the relevant authority so that they may receive attention as quickly as possible. Some of these are the responsibility of the parish council but many are not. If you pass everything initially to the parish council, through this website or otherwise, there will be an inevitable delay, if it is not within the remit of the parish council, whilst we pass on the message.

The following links will assist this process and take you directly to the relevant reporting page.





Chelsham & Farleigh Parish Council

Contact Us

Fly tipping

Tandridge District Council

Fly Tipping Report


Chelsham & Farleigh Parish Council

Contact Us

Road potholes

Surrey County Council

Pothole Reporting

Roadworks signs left behind

Surrey County Council

Roadworks Signs

Water leak

Sutton and East Surrey Water Co.

Report a Leak or telephone 01737 772 000

If you want to contact, or need information about, an adjacent parish council, their websites may be found here:

Warlingham Parish Council
Woldingham Parish Council
Tatsfield Parish Council